Fairview Elementary School Parking Lot Reconstruction

Construction work generally consists of parking lot & sidewalk removals and reconstruction of new parking lot & sidewalk along with additional items as described further in the specifications & drawings.
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Name Date Size
00-Full PDF of Plans 6/20/2022 3.5 MB
01-CE0_Cover Sheet 6/20/2022 693.3 KB
02-CE1_Demolition Plan 6/20/2022 536.8 KB
03-CE2_Grading and Erosion Control Plan 6/20/2022 600.9 KB
04-CE3_Site Plan 6/20/2022 575.0 KB
05-CE4_Construction Details 6/20/2022 754.7 KB
06-CE5_Chain Link Fence Details 6/20/2022 428.7 KB