F1906-01 Replace Roofs & Renovate Exterior, Multiple Assests-Missouri State Fairgrounds

The project includes The Project consists of removal and replacement of approximately 26,200 square feet of shingle roof and accessories, and the removal of approximately 1,800 square feet of EPDM membrane, and 16,590 square feet of standing seam metal roofs, including all accessories, and replacing it with approximately 18,390 square feet of TPO membrane. The Project also consists of: removal and repair / replacement of indicated rotted structure, rotted decking, and rotted masonry wall; cleaning and tuck-pointing the exterior brick; new electrical systems including lights, outlets, panels, conduits, and any other associated items; new under ground drains; and new concrete pad along the entire West face of the building.
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Name Date Size
001-G-001-Cover Sheet 8/16/2019 43.1 KB
002-G-002-General Information 8/16/2019 810.1 KB
003-D-121-Demolition Plans 8/16/2019 701.1 KB
004-D-501-Demolition Details 8/16/2019 410.0 KB
005-S-101-Structural Details 8/16/2019 273.2 KB
006-A-110-Overall Floor Plan and RCP 8/16/2019 1.0 MB
007-A-111-Heavy Horse RCP 8/16/2019 293.5 KB
008-A-112-Caulfield Bldg and Light Horse RCP 8/16/2019 298.2 KB
009-A-113-Light Horse RCP 8/16/2019 340.5 KB
010-A-121-Overall Roof Plan 8/16/2019 502.0 KB
011-A-122-Heavy Horse Roof Plan 8/16/2019 445.6 KB
012-A-123-Caulfield Bldg and Light Horse Roof Plan 8/16/2019 324.0 KB
013-A-124-Light Horse Roof Plan 8/16/2019 410.1 KB
014-A-201-Exterior Elevations 8/16/2019 1.8 MB
015-A-301-Building Sections 8/16/2019 677.5 KB
016-A-401-Detail Sections 8/16/2019 318.8 KB
017-A-402-Detail Sections 8/16/2019 274.9 KB
018-A-403-Detail Sections 8/16/2019 535.6 KB
019-A-501-Shingle and Siding Details 8/16/2019 460.8 KB
020-A-502-Roofing Details 8/16/2019 330.2 KB
021-A-503-Roofing Details 8/16/2019 312.2 KB
022-EP-100-Power Plan Heavy Horse 8/16/2019 365.2 KB
023-EP-101-Power Plan Caulfield Bldg and Light Horse 8/16/2019 394.4 KB
024-EP-102-Power Plan Light Horse 8/16/2019 380.3 KB
025-EL-100-Lighting Plan Heavy Horse 8/16/2019 392.4 KB
026-EL-101-Lighting Plan Caulfield Bldg and Light Horse 8/16/2019 393.5 KB
027-EL-102-Lighting Plan Light Horse 8/16/2019 377.8 KB
028-ED-100-Power and Lighting Details and Schedules 8/16/2019 499.2 KB