Cathedral of St Joseph School Mechanical Renovations

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Name Size
00-Full PDF of Plans 10.6 MB
01-G001_Cover Sheet 430.3 KB
02-G101_Genreal Information 261.4 KB
03-G102_Partition Types 434.6 KB
04-DA201_Main & Upper Level Demolition Plans 354.5 KB
05-DA204_Partition Types 228.5 KB
06-A101_Main & Upper Level Floor Plans 344.1 KB
07-A102_Lower Level Floor Plan & Roof Plan 231.4 KB
08-A401_Stair Rail Replacement 199.2 KB
09-A604_Interior Elevations 589.6 KB
10-A701_Main & Upper Level Reflected Ceiling Plans 474.6 KB
11-A702_Lower Level Reflectd Ceiling Plan 215.6 KB
12-S001_Structrual General Notes 445.6 KB
13-S101_Structrual Upper Level Floor Framing Plan 560.0 KB
14-S102_Structrual Roof Framing Plan 609.8 KB
15-S201_Structrual Framing Sections 454.2 KB
16-M001_Mechanical Symbols Abbreviations & General Notes 289.8 KB
17-M002_Mechanical Schedules & Details 296.7 KB
18-M003_Mechanical Piping & Wiring Diagrams 347.8 KB
19-M004_Mechanical Piping & Wiring Diagrams 428.3 KB
20-M005_Mechanical Piping & Wiring Diagrams 430.5 KB
21-MD100_Mechanical Basement Demolition Plan 355.1 KB
22-MD101_Mechanical First Floor Demolition Plan 380.8 KB
23-M102_Mechanical Second Floor Demolition Plan 1.6 MB
24-M100_Mechanical Basement Ductwork Renovation Plan 357.6 KB
25-M101_Mechanical First Floor Ductwork Renovation Plan 447.5 KB
26-M102_Mechanical Second Floor Ductwork Renovation Plan 498.5 KB
27-M103_Mechanical Roof Ductwork Renovation Plan 271.6 KB
28-M200_Mechanical Basement Piping Renovation Plan 326.1 KB
29-M201_Mechanical First Floor Piping Renovation Plan 339.3 KB
30-M202_Mechanical Second Floor Piping Renovation Plan 333.3 KB
31-M203_Mechanical Roof Piping Renovation Plan 268.8 KB
32-E001_Electrical Symbols Abbreviations & General Notes 318.9 KB
33-E002_Electrical Panel Schedules 300.9 KB
34-E003_Electrical Details 330.3 KB
35-ED100_Electrical Basement Demolition Plan 381.5 KB
36-ED101_Electrical First Floor Demolition Plan 413.5 KB
37-ED102_Electrical Second Floor Demolition Plan 1.6 MB
38-ED103_Electrical Basement Equipment Demolition 392.1 KB
39-ED104_Electrical First Floor Equipment Demolition 418.7 KB
40-ED105_Electrical Second Floor Equipment Demolition 407.5 KB
41-E100_Electrical Basement Lighting Renovation Plan 363.0 KB
42-E101_Electrical First Floor Lighting Renovation Plan 388.3 KB
43-E102_Electrical Second Floor Lighting Renovation Plan 480.1 KB
44-E103_Electrical Basement Equipment Renovation Plan 401.3 KB
45-E104_Electrical First Floor Equipment Renovation Plan 434.0 KB
46-E105_Electrical Second Floor Equipment Renovation Plan 417.9 KB
47-E106_Electrical Roof Equipment Renovation Plan 293.5 KB