170/2023 Columbia Sports Fieldhouse Expansion Project

Phase II shall consist of a gymnasium space with four courts, multipurpose room, associated lobby & support space.
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Name Size
000-Full PDF of Plans 90.2 MB
001-G001_Cover Sheet 2.9 MB
002-G002_Code Summary 718.4 KB
003-G003_Partition Types and Project Symbols 271.0 KB
004-G004_Typical Mounting Heights 273.4 KB
005-C101_Cover Sheet 1.5 MB
006-C102_Overall Site Plan and Construction Delineation 2.5 MB
007-C103_Site Plan 1.2 MB
008-C104_Site Plan 818.7 KB
009-C105_Site Plan 1.0 MB
010-C106_Grading and Erosion Control Plan 1.5 MB
011-C107_Grading and Erosion Control Plan 1.0 MB
012-C108_Grading and Erosion Control Plan 1.2 MB
013-C109_Grading and Erosion Control Plan 1.0 MB
014-C110_Erosion Control Notes and Details 964.8 KB
015-C111_Street Plan and Profile 1.1 MB
016-C112_Storm Profiles 1.3 MB
017-C113_Sanitary Sewer Plan and Profile 1.5 MB
018-C114_Details 1.1 MB
019-C115_Details 1.1 MB
020-C116_Details 1.2 MB
021-C117_Details 1.1 MB
022-C118_Details 1.0 MB
023-S001_General Notes 65.0 KB
024-S002_General Notes and Classes of Concrete Work 63.6 KB
025-S003_Symbols and Annotations 93.2 KB
026-S004_Concrete Cover Requirements 69.6 KB
027-S005_Development Length Tables 69.7 KB
028-S101_Overall Foundation Plan 127.0 KB
029-S111_Foundation Plan Area A 84.3 KB
030-S112_Foundation Plan Area B 137.2 KB
031-S113_Foundation Plan Area C 103.9 KB
032-S121_Slab On Grade Plan Area A 95.0 KB
033-S122_Slab On Grade Plan Area B 153.0 KB
034-S123_Slab On Grade Plan Area C 104.7 KB
035-S201_Axonometric View 484.9 KB
036-S211_Building Sections 188.7 KB
037-S221_Partial Wall Sections 108.1 KB
038-S222_Partial Wall Sections 108.7 KB
039-S223_Partial Wall Sections 143.9 KB
040-S301_Foundation Typical Details 115.0 KB
041-S302_Foundation Typical Details 131.6 KB
042-S303_Foundation Typical Details 90.9 KB
043-S304_Foundation Typical Details 183.1 KB
044-S311_Foundation Details 116.8 KB
045-AD101_Demolition Floor Plan 493.5 KB
046-AD102_Demolition Exterior Elevations 590.6 KB
047-AS100_Site Plan 266.8 KB
048-AS101_Site Details 275.8 KB
049-A050_Slab Plan 491.1 KB
050-A100_Overall Plan and Alternates 635.9 KB
051-A101_Grid Geometry Plan 213.1 KB
052-A102_Expansion Floor Plan - Overall 502.9 KB
053-A111_Floor Plan Area A 286.6 KB
054-A112_Floor Plan Area B 351.1 KB
055-A113_Floor Plan Area C 302.6 KB
056-A121_Enlarged Floor Plans 369.4 KB
057-A130_Reflected Ceiling Plan Overall 499.9 KB
058-A131_Reflected Ceiling Plan Area A 338.0 KB
059-A132_Reflected Ceiling Plan Area B 393.7 KB
060-A133_Reflected Ceiling Plan Area C 351.9 KB
061-A141_Roof Plan 259.7 KB
062-A142_Roof Details Alternate 14 509.7 KB
063-A143_Roof Details Alternate 14 522.2 KB
064-A144_Roof Details Alternate 14 663.0 KB
065-A150_Finish Legend and Schedule 213.3 KB
066-A151_Finish Plan Overall 709.9 KB
067-A152_Finish Plan Area A 316.4 KB
068-A153_Finish Plan Area B 384.6 KB
069-A154_Finish Plan Area C 294.5 KB
070-A161_Furniture Plan For Reference 594.4 KB
071-A181_Court Marking Plans 478.7 KB
072-A182_Court Marking Plans 281.4 KB
073-A201_Exterior Elevations 440.0 KB
074-A211_Interior Elevations 336.8 KB
075-A212_Interior Elevations 293.2 KB
076-A213_Interior Elevations - Court - North 342.1 KB
077-A214_Interior Elevations - Court - South 316.4 KB
078-A215_Interior Elevations - Court - West-East 255.6 KB
079-A216_Interior Elevations 250.4 KB
080-A301_Building Sections 835.2 KB
081-A311_Vertical Circulation 476.3 KB
082-A312_Vertical Circulation 351.3 KB
083-A321_Wall Sections 398.1 KB
084-A322_Wall Sections 515.8 KB
085-A511_Plan Details 329.9 KB
086-A512_Plan Details 307.7 KB
087-A521_Section Details 562.5 KB
088-A522_Section Details 377.7 KB
089-A523_Section Details 382.8 KB
090-A541_Casework Details 298.4 KB
091-A601_Door Types and Schedule 227.7 KB
092-A602_Storefront Elevations 262.0 KB
093-M000_General Notes and Legend 2.0 MB
094-M111_HVAC Expansion Court Level Plan Area A 554.7 KB
095-M112_HVAC Expansion Court Level Plan Area B 813.8 KB
096-M113_HVAC Expansion Court Level Plan Area C 455.9 KB
097-M123_HVAC Level 1 Plan Area C 608.0 KB
098-M212_Piping Expansion Court Level Plan Area B 441.5 KB
099-M223_Piping Level 1 Plan Area C 495.2 KB
100-M400_Schedules 1.4 MB
101-M401_Schedules 1.5 MB
102-M500_Details 1.1 MB
103-M501_Details 770.8 KB
104-M600_Controls 1.2 MB
105-M601_Controls 1.0 MB
106-P000_General Notes and Legend 1.5 MB
107-P111_Plumbing Plan Area A 346.7 KB
108-P112_Plumbing Plan Area B 441.4 KB
109-P113_Plumbing Plan Area C 639.2 KB
110-P211_Enlarged Plans 758.7 KB
111-P300_Schedules 1.7 MB
112-P400_Details 1.7 MB
113-P500_Sanitary and Vent Riser Diagram 574.3 KB
114-E000_Legend 1.7 MB
115-E001_Notes 1.9 MB
116-E050_Site Plan 793.7 KB
117-E111_Lighting Expansion Court Level Plan Area A 441.3 KB
118-E112_Lighting Expansion Court Level Plan Area B 615.9 KB
119-E123_Lighting Level 1 Plan Area C 464.1 KB
120-E200_Power Plan Existing Building 802.6 KB
121-E211_Power Expansion Court Level Plan Area A 787.9 KB
122-E212_Power Expansion Court Level Plan Area B 967.5 KB
123-E223_Power Level 1 Plan Area C 943.6 KB
124-E311_Equipment Connection Expansion Court Level Plan Area A 409.7 KB
125-E312_Equipment Connection Expansion Court Level Plan Area B 520.8 KB
126-E323_Equipment Connection Level 1 Plan Area C 629.9 KB
127-E400_One Line Diagram and Calculations 1.5 MB
128-E500_Panelboard Schedules 1.5 MB
129-E600_Light Fixture Schedule 963.7 KB
130-E601_Lighting Control Schedules 1.7 MB
131-E700_Details 703.6 KB
132-ED100_Demolition Plan 427.2 KB
133-FP000_General Notes and Legend 1.3 MB
134-FP111_Fire Protection Plan Area A 386.4 KB
135-FP112_Fire Protection Plan Area B 446.0 KB
136-FP123_Fire Protection Plan Area C 677.1 KB
137-FP500_Fire Protection Details 391.2 KB