RC000638 Centennial Hall Improvements & Renovation

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Name Size
00-Full PDF of Plans 56.0 MB
01-G0-0_Cover Sheet 2.6 MB
02-G0-1_Code Plans 1.0 MB
03-G0-2_Code Continuation 1.7 MB
04-G0-3_Accessibility Standards 1.9 MB
05-G0-4_Accessibility Standards 1.5 MB
06-G0-5_Interior Partition Types 1.5 MB
07-W-1_Waterline Plan, Profile and Details 1.5 MB
08-A0-0_Key Plans 1.8 MB
09-A0-1_Demo Plans - Restrooms 3.0 MB
10-A0-2_First Floor Demo RCP 1.6 MB
11-A0-3_Second Floor Demo RCP 1.6 MB
12-A1-0_First Floor Plan and Elevations 2.1 MB
13-A1-1_Second Floor Plan and Elevations 1.9 MB
14-A1-2_Elevator Details 2.0 MB
15-A6-0_Door Schedule and Information 860.4 KB
16-A8-0_First Floor RCP 1.6 MB
17-A8-1_Second Floor RCP 864.9 KB
18-A8-2_Lower Level Mezzanine RCP 2.1 MB
19-A9-0_Finish Plans 1.9 MB
20-ME1-0_Symbols Legend 521.0 KB
21-ME2-0_Site Utilities Plan 516.1 KB
22-FP0-1_Lower Level Sprinkler Demo Plan 484.4 KB
23-FP0-2_First and Second Level Sprinkler Demo Plan 577.0 KB
24-FP1-1_Lower Level and Mezzanine Sprinkler Plan 2.3 MB
25-FP1-2_First Level Sprinkler Plan 527.5 KB
26-FP1-3_Second Level Sprinkler Plan 522.7 KB
27-P0-1_Lower Level Plumbing Demo Plan 479.2 KB
28-P0-2_First Level Plumbing Demo Plan 541.5 KB
29-P0-3_Second Level Plumbing Demo Plan 530.4 KB
30-P0-4_Enlarged Plumbing Demo Plan 558.9 KB
31-P1-1_Lower Level Plumbing Plan 478.1 KB
32-P1-2_First Level Plumbing Plan 543.1 KB
33-P1-3_Second Level Plumbing Plan 535.6 KB
34-P1-4_Enlarged Plumbing Plan 1.1 MB
35-P2-1_Plumbing Details and Schedules 525.4 KB
36-M0-2_First Level Mechanical Demo Plan 543.9 KB
37-M0-3_Second Level Mechanical Demo Plan 524.4 KB
38-M0-4_Enlarged Mechanical Demo Plan 541.7 KB
39-M1-1_Lower Level Mechanical Plan 484.0 KB
40-M1-2_First Level Mechanical Plan 543.7 KB
41-M1-3_Second Level Mechanical Plan 529.6 KB
42-M1-4_Enlarged Mechanical Plan 553.7 KB
43-M2-1_Mechanical Details and Schedules 492.2 KB
44-E0-1_Lower Level Electrical Demo Plan 479.5 KB
45-E0-2_First Level Electrical Demo Plan 523.6 KB
46-E0-3_Second Level Electrical Demo Plan 523.1 KB
47-E0-4_Enlaged Electrical Demo Plan 505.5 KB
48-E1-1_Lower Level Electrical Plan 510.8 KB
49-E1-2_First Level Electrical Plan 531.2 KB
50-E1-3_Second Level Electrical Plan 533.4 KB
51-E1-4_Enlarged Electrical Plan 624.2 KB
52-E2-1_Electrical Details and Schedules 2.7 MB
53-H201_First Floor HVAC Plan - For Reference 606.9 KB
54-H202_Second Floor HVAC Plan - For Reference 669.5 KB
55-H400_Basement Mechanical Plan - For Reference 549.7 KB
56-H404_Mezzanine Mechanical Room HVAC Plan - For Reference 751.0 KB