03-07MAR24 Construction of Boone County Sheriff's Office-Regional Training Center

The Work generally consists of a new Training Building and a new Tactical Firing Range Building on the Emergency Services Campus on County Drive in Columbia Missouri, complete with all utilities, parking and drives associated with the buildings. The Training Building encompasses approximately 22,620 gross square feet and includes offices, toilet and shower rooms, meeting rooms, exercise and skilled training rooms and other support spaces. The Tactical Firing Range Building encompasses approximately 27,468 gross square feet and includes a 12-lane shooting range with 8-50 yard lanes and 4-100 yard lanes, a Shoot House training area, lobby, toilet rooms and support spaces. Alternative Bid items include a 44-space parking lot on the South Side of County Drive and Foundations for a future building to the West of the Training Building.
Issued for Bid (click to expand/collapse)
Name Size
000-Full PDF of Plans 86.8 MB
001-G-001_Cover Sheet 2.2 MB
002-G-002_Code Summary, Code and Egress Plan 1.1 MB
003-CE0_Cover Sheet 1.0 MB
004-CE1_Overall Plan 1.8 MB
005-CE2_Demo Plan 745.6 KB
006-CE3_Demo Plan 603.1 KB
007-CE4_Erosion Control Plan 1.6 MB
008-CE5_Erosion Control Plan 1.6 MB
009-CE6_Grading Plan 1.8 MB
010-CE7_Grading Plan 1.6 MB
011-CE8_Grading Plan Inset 1.4 MB
012-CE9_Grading Plan Inset 1.2 MB
013-CE10_North Entrance Profile 1.6 MB
014-CE11_Utility Plan 1.1 MB
015-CE12_Utility Plan 1.0 MB
016-CE13_Storm Profiles Lines 1 and 2 1.4 MB
017-CE14_Storm Profiles Lines 3-7 1.6 MB
018-CE15_Force Main Plan and Profile 1.6 MB
019-CE16_Wet Well Details 690.8 KB
020-CE17_Force Main Details 1.1 MB
021-CE18_Force Main Specifications 1.2 MB
022-CE19_Site Plan 1.4 MB
023-CE20_Site Plan 1.0 MB
024-CE21_Landscaping Plan 1.4 MB
025-CE22_Pavement Details 1.2 MB
026-CE23_Construction Details 1.7 MB
027-CE24_Alternate 1 Grading 823.0 KB
028-CE25_Alternate 2 Demo and Site Plan 1.3 MB
029-CE26_Alternate 2 Grading Plan 746.2 KB
030-S100_General Structural Data 639.3 KB
031-S200_Foundation Plan 503.9 KB
032-S201_Foundation Plan 407.5 KB
033-S202_Foundation Plan 373.8 KB
034-S210_Foundation Details 560.3 KB
035-S211_Foundation Details 411.8 KB
036-S212_Foundation Details 375.2 KB
037-S220_Retaining Wall Profile 263.9 KB
038-S221_Retaining Wall Details 700.5 KB
039-S300_Mezzanine Framing Plan 381.0 KB
040-S310_Framing Details 568.1 KB
041-S311_Framing Details 458.5 KB
042-S312_Framing Details 370.5 KB
043-A101_Training Center Floor Plan 836.1 KB
044-A102_Tactical Range Floor Plan 583.8 KB
045-A103_Enlarged Floor Plans 431.8 KB
046-A104_Enlarged Floor Plans 435.8 KB
047-A105_Training Center Reflected Ceiling Plan 365.2 KB
048-A106_Tactical Range Building Reflected Ceiling Plan 349.7 KB
049-A107_Roof Plan 401.9 KB
050-A108_Floor Finish Plan 1.0 MB
051-A109_Room Finish Shedule and Floor Finish Plan 1.5 MB
052-A201_Exterior Elevations 272.4 KB
053-A202_Exterior Elevations 221.9 KB
054-A203_Interior Elevations and Details 417.7 KB
055-A204_Interior Elevations and Details 677.1 KB
056-A205_Interior Elevations and Details 396.2 KB
057-A300_Partition Types and Details 350.1 KB
058-A301_Building Sections 832.4 KB
059-A302_Building Sections 810.2 KB
060-A601_Door and Window Schedule 517.7 KB
061-A602_Door and Window Details 334.0 KB
062-MEP1_MEP Cover Sheet 619.1 KB
063-MEP2_Site Utilities Plan 1.2 MB
064-MEP3_Site Lighting - Photometric Plan 1.1 MB
065-M101_VAV Ductwork Plan - Training Center 1.0 MB
066-M102_Heating Hot Water Piping Plan - Training Center 1.0 MB
067-M103_Distribution Ductwork Plan - Training Center 1.1 MB
068-M104_HVAC Plan - Training Center Mezzanine 513.9 KB
069-M105_HVAC Plan - Tactical Range - East 845.2 KB
070-M106_HVAC Plan - Tactical Range - West 540.3 KB
071-M501_HVAC Details 581.7 KB
072-M601_HVAC Schedules 2.6 MB
073-EP101_Power Plan - Training Center 1.3 MB
074-EP102_Power Plan - Training Center Mezzanine 464.4 KB
075-EP103_Power Plan - Tactical Range - East 862.5 KB
076-EP104_Power Plan - Tactical Range - West 709.6 KB
077-EL101_Lighting Plan - Training Center 1.2 MB
078-EL102_Lighting Plan - Training Center Mezzanine 545.0 KB
079-EL103_Lighting Plan - Tactical Range - East 842.0 KB
080-EL104_Lighting Plan - Tactical Range - West 629.6 KB
081-E501_Details and Schedules 658.0 KB
082-E502_Details 1.1 MB
083-E601_Schedules 1.9 MB
084-E602_Schedules 2.1 MB
085-F101_Fire Protection Plan - Training Center 1.0 MB
086-F102_Fire Protection Plan - Training Center Mezzanine 463.3 KB
087-FS101_Fire Alarm and Security Plan - Training Center 1.1 MB
088-FS102_Fire Alarm and Security Plan - Training Center Mezzanine 546.1 KB
089-FS103_Fire Alarm and Security Plan - Tactical Range - East 737.5 KB
090-FS104_Fire Alarm and Security Plan - Tactical Range - West 542.6 KB
091-PS101_Sanitary Sewer Plan - Traning Center 1.0 MB
092-PS102_Sanitary Sewer Plan - Tactical Range - East 692.5 KB
093-PW101_Water and Gas Plan - Training Center 937.6 KB
094-PW102_Water and Gas Plan - Tactical Range - East 794.4 KB
095-PW103_Water and Gas Plan - Tactical Range - West 512.1 KB
096-P501_Plumbing Details and Schedules 1.5 MB
097-RM-001_Range Mech General Notes and Specifications 3.0 MB
098-RM-101_Mech Partial Plan 1.5 MB
099-RM-102_Mech Partial Plan 1.7 MB
100-RM-301_Mech Sections 1.7 MB
101-RM-501_Mech Details 1.8 MB
102-RM-502_Mech Details 1.4 MB
103-RM-601_Mech Schedules 1.9 MB
104-RM-701_Mech Control Notes and Specifications 1.9 MB
105-RM-702_Mech Control Notes and Specifications 2.0 MB
106-RM-703_Mech Partial Floor Controls Conduit Plan 1.0 MB
107-RM-704_Mech Partial Floor Controls Conduit Plan 1.1 MB
108-RM-801_Mech Control Notes and Specifications 2.1 MB