T1902-01 Warrenton Readiness Center Replace Roof System & Paving

The work includes replacing all roof sections removing the existing EPDM membrane roofing system and replacing it with a fully adhered TPO membrane roofing system with tapered insulation. The metal gutters and downspouts are also to be replaced. The roof shall have an alternate price to provide and install new walkway rolls (alternate #3). The work also includes replacing the front asphalt parking lot by cold milling the existing asphalt pavement and replacing it with new asphalt pavement overlay and painted striping (base bid). The parking lot shall have an alternate price for performing a full depth asphalt pavement replacement (alternate #1) and for cold milling existing asphalt pavement and replacing it with new concrete overlay (alternate #2).


Bidding Closed

Prebid Date1/21/20 10:00 am

Bid Date2/6/20 1:30 pm

Company & Contacts

The State of Missouri Office of Administration

Craig Bock   (573) 751-7831


Warrenton, MO

Documents can be ordered online or by contacting ADS at 1400 Forum Blvd, Suite 7A, Columbia, MO 65203, Ph: (573) 446-7768, Email: orders@adsmo.net. A hard copy set of documents is available for a refundable deposit of $30, CHECK ONLY, payable to ADS and a copy can be emailed to us before you mail them. A download is available for a purchase (non-refundable) of $30 that can be paid via credit card.

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