89-26-04 Maple Leaf Lake Conservation Area Parking Lot Replacement

The project includes all materials, labor and equipment necessary to demolish and dispose of off-site the existing asphalt parking lot, and construct a new concrete parking lot, construct an aggregate overflow parking area, repair curb and gutters as necessary, pavement markings, and grading and seeding new unpaved area.
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Name Date Size
01-G-000_Cover Sheet 2/4/2020 396.0 KB
02-G-001_General Information 2/4/2020 2.0 MB
03-C-101_Site Plan 2/4/2020 2.5 MB
04-C-102_Demo Plan 2/4/2020 1.8 MB
05-C-103_Grading Plan 2/4/2020 782.3 KB
06-C-104_Parking Lot Layout and Striping Plan 2/4/2020 2.0 MB
07-C-105_Seeding Plan 2/4/2020 569.5 KB
08-C-501_Parking Lot Details 2/4/2020 1.0 MB
09-Z-508_Construction Staking Details 2/4/2020 2.4 MB
10-Z-517_Temporary Erosion Control 2/4/2020 4.2 MB