50-04-39 Otter Slough Conservation Area Well Replacement

The project consists of all materials, labor and equipment necessary to construct the project including all site work, earthwork, concrete, new well construction, piping, exterior improvements, etc., as shown on the Contract Drawings and specified herein. The project includes: one (1) 140' deep, 24" diameter well with 20' of 24" diameter steel surface casing; 80' of 20" diameter PVC well casing; 60' of 20" diameter PVC screen; one (1) 3,000 GPM vertical turbine pump with right angle drive, and all incidentals necessary to provide a functioning well and pump system.
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01-G-000_Cover Sheet 3/9/2020 269.9 KB
02-G-001_General Information 3/9/2020 2.1 MB
03-C-101_Demolition Plan 3/9/2020 481.0 KB
04-C-102_Grading and Site Plan 3/9/2020 1.1 MB
05-C-501_Well and Pump Structure Details 3/9/2020 421.1 KB
06-C-502_Details 3/9/2020 580.3 KB
07-Z-508_Construction Staking Details 3/9/2020 2.4 MB
08-Z-517_Temporary Erosion Control 3/9/2020 4.2 MB