Street & Storm Sewer Improvements-New Bloomfield

The project consists of street and storm sewer improvements which include approximately 23,055 s.y. of asphalt overlay, milling, wedging, removals, subgrade repairs, street widening, concrete curb and gutter, storm water piping and ditching, storm water structures, concrete driveway improvements, and all necessary appurtenances and incidentals. The City reserves the right to delete select locations of the project in order to meet the project budget.
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00-Bidding Documents 5/6/2020 186.2 KB
01-Full Spec 5/6/2020 2.6 MB
02-Division 00 5/6/2020 1.3 MB
03-Division 01 5/6/2020 371.5 KB
04-Division 02 5/6/2020 812.3 KB
05-Division 03 5/6/2020 156.1 KB
06-Division 17 5/6/2020 41.0 KB