Sarah Drive Bridge Replacement

The project consists of the removal and replacement of concrete box. Replacement structure will be a 12x5.5 precast box culvert, grading, and pavement replacement. The City reserves the right to analyze the bids received and select the bid that best fits in the allotted budget and award contract on that basis.
  Issued for Bid (click to expand/collapse)
Name Date Size
00-Full PDF of Plans 6/1/2020 26.1 MB
01-C1_Cover Sheet 6/1/2020 5.0 MB
02-C2_Street Plan & Profile 6/1/2020 6.2 MB
03-C3_Box Culvert Section 6/1/2020 6.0 MB
04-C4_Grading & Erosion Control Plan 6/1/2020 4.6 MB
05-C5_Details 6/1/2020 4.7 MB