28-09JUL20 Waters Edge Drainage Improvements-Phase II-2020

Remove the CMP outlet pipes from the existing stormwater system at two locations. Reconstruct the two outlet systems by tying them into the existing inlets using HP Storm pipe and installing new concrete junction boxes. Project also includes tree removal, grading, and restoration work.
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00-Full PDF of Plans 6/15/2020 2.9 MB
01-Sheet 1_Cover Sheet 6/15/2020 594.9 KB
02-Sheet 2_Project Area 1 Site Plan 6/15/2020 659.3 KB
03-Sheet 3_Project Area 2 Site Plan 6/15/2020 676.2 KB
04-Sheet 4_Project Area 2 Grading Plan 6/15/2020 601.9 KB
05-Sheet 5_Details 6/15/2020 427.0 KB