Jefferson Middle Roof Repairs

Construction work generally consists of partial roof replacement, partial replacement of miscellaneous roofing items such as copings and gutters, miscellaneous repair of existing wood rafters and roof decking, and additional items as described further in the specifications and drawings.
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Name Date Size
00-Full PDF of Plans 9/24/2020 7.4 MB
01-G-001_Cover Sheet 9/24/2020 628.6 KB
02-G-002_Overall Site Plan 9/24/2020 814.2 KB
03-D-101_Demo Roof Plan 9/24/2020 451.3 KB
04-A-101_Roof Plan 9/24/2020 1.3 MB
05-A-501_Details 9/24/2020 465.5 KB
06-A-502_Details 9/24/2020 508.4 KB
07-A-503_Details 9/24/2020 336.7 KB
08-A-504_Photographs 9/24/2020 4.6 MB