X1813-01 Katy Trail-Replacement of Trail Bridges

The project includes installing two new steel superstructure trail bridges supported on two concrete abutments founded with driven steel piling to carry the K.ATY Trail. The existing timber bridges have been removed by the Owner. A prefabricated steel truss trail bridge will be manufactured for each location and delivered to the project site and installed by the Contractor. Steel approach railing will be installed on the concrete abutment wingwalls.
  Specifications (click to expand/collapse)
Name Date Size
01-Full Spec 5/24/2019 39.7 MB
02-Division 00 5/24/2019 4.5 MB
03-Division 01 5/24/2019 1.8 MB
04-Division 03 5/24/2019 699.1 KB
05-Division 05 5/24/2019 285.5 KB
06-Division 31 5/24/2019 432.0 KB
07-Division 32 5/24/2019 72.2 KB
08-Appendices 5/24/2019 32.0 MB