Security & ADA Main Entrance at Various Sites

Construction work generally consists of new walls, doors, storefornt, security doors, finishes, casework, exterior paving, related mechanical/electrical/plumbing work and additional items as described further in the specifications and drawings for the seven (7) different locations.
  Issued for Bid (click to expand/collapse)
Name Date Size
01-Two Mile Prairie 3/26/2021 7.7 MB
02-West Blvd 3/26/2021 8.0 MB
03-Shepard 3/26/2021 6.7 MB
04-Parkade 3/26/2021 3.3 MB
05-New Haven 3/26/2021 3.7 MB
06-Derby Ridge 3/26/2021 3.5 MB
07-Battle HS 3/26/2021 4.2 MB