Public Jobs

Bids due in 20 days
7/23/20 3:30 pm
Eldon Middle School Classroom Addition
The Architects Alliance
Eldon, MO
Bids due in 34 days
8/6/20 11:00 am
City of Meadville Sewer System Improvements
Allstate Consultants LLC
Meadville, MO
Construct lagoon modifications with 50,000 gpd drip disposal field on approximately 8 acres.
Bids due in 20 days
7/23/20 1:30 pm
M2012-01 Replace Fire Alarm System, Infrastructure-St. Louis Psychiatric Rehabilitation Center
The State of Missouri Office of Administration
St. Louis, MO
The project includes replacement of the main fire alarm panel, 5 annunciators, and 18 fire alarm sub panels.
Bids due in 25 days
7/28/20 2:00 pm
121/2020 McKee Street Sidewalk Project
City of Columbia-Purchasing
Columbia, MO
Bids due in 6 days
7/9/20 12:45 pm
28-09JUL20 Waters Edge Drainage Improvements-Phase II-2020
Boone County Resource Management
Columbia, MO
Remove the CMP outlet pipes from the existing stormwater system at two locations. Reconstruct the two outlet systems by tying them into the existing inlets using HP Storm pipe and installing new concrete junction boxes. Project also includes tree removal, grading, and restoration work.
Bidding Closed
6/30/20 2:00 pm
RC000408 Emerson Hall Chiller Replacement
Missouri University of Science & Technology
Rolla, MO
Bids due in 26 days
7/29/20 2:00 pm
61-19-H7 Conservation Commission Headquarters Distribution Center Roof Replacement
Missouri Department of Conservation
Jefferson City, MO
The project consists of the exterior renovation including the replacement of the existing shingle roof with a standing seam metal roof, replacing the EPDM roof in kind, replacing windows and the existing siding with an exposed fastener metal wall panel. The interior renovation of this building includes casework, railing, and compliance upgrades.
Bids due in 6 days
7/9/20 2:00 pm
Park Avenue Building Roof Replacement and Masonry Restoration
Columbia Public Schools
Columbia, MO
Bidding Closed
6/23/20 2:00 pm
RC000402 Library Exterior Envelope
Missouri University of Science & Technology
Rolla, MO
Bids due in 12 days
7/15/20 2:00 pm
Carrollton Water System Improvements
Bartlett & West, Inc
Carrollton, MO