Public Jobs

Bids due in 15 days
10/13/20 2:00 pm
Jefferson Middle Roof Repairs
Columbia Public Schools
Columbia, MO
Construction work generally consists of partial roof replacement, partial replacement of miscellaneous roofing items such as copings and gutters, miscellaneous repair of existing wood rafters and roof decking, and additional items as described further in the specifications and drawings.
Bids due in 10 days
10/8/20 2:00 pm
Limited Exterior at the Student Recreation Center (SRC)
Truman State University
Truman State University, Kirksville, MO
Bids due in 10 days
10/8/20 2:00 pm
Greenwood School Window Replacement-Phase 2
Truman State University
Truman State University, Kirksville, MO
Bids due in 10 days
10/8/20 2:00 pm
2006 Suite Expansion-Southwest Dental Care
The Architects Alliance
Jefferson City, MO
Bids due in 4 days
10/2/20 2:00 pm
RC000197 Jack Carney Puck and Plaza
Missouri University of Science & Technology
Rolla, MO
Bids due in 30 days
10/28/20 1:00 pm
2019 Street Improvements-Brunswick
Allstate Consultants LLC
Brunswick, MO
The project consists of approximately 4800 sqyds of street improvements which includes removals, asphalt overlay, milling, wedging, subgrade repairs, concrete curb and gutter, driveway entrances, storm water piping and ditching, inlets, and all necessary appurtenances and incidentals including areas of complete street removal and replacement.
Bids due in 29 days
10/27/20 1:00 pm
Andrew County PWSD No 1 Rt K Pump Station
Allstate Consultants LLC
Savannah, MO
Bids due in 11 days
10/9/20 3:00 pm
Gateway Plaza at Southeast Corner of Providence and Broadway for The District
Crockett Engineering Consultants, LLC
Columbia, MO
Construction work generally consists of pavement removals, new foundations and retaining walls, sculpture foundations, sidewalk paving,site lighting, and decorative sculptures.
Bids due in 17 days
10/15/20 2:00 pm
Jefferson City Housing Authority 2020 Deck Replacements
Jefferson City Housing Authority
Jefferson City, MO
Replacement of wooden exterior deck and stair structures and associated rerouting of exterior hot-water overflow piping plumbing fittings.
Bids due in 9 days
10/7/20 2:00 pm
83-15-10 Three Creeks Conservation Area Nature School Pavilion
Missouri Department of Conservation
Boone County, MO
The project includes, but is not limited to: mobilization and demobilization, construction survey staking, information sign, clearing, grubbing, tree removal, erosion control, reinforced concrete pavement, pavilion, pavilion concrete, coordinate privy install, earth moving, aggregate-surfaced roadway, geotextile, geogrid, metal culvert, sign posts, and seed and mulch.