M2011-01 Upgrade HVAC Controls-Staples Building-Southeast Missouri Mental Health Center

The project will be contained within the Staples buildings only. The existing pneumatic control system shall be demolished and replaced with a direct digital control (DDC) system. The front-end system of the building automation system (BAS) shall be updated. All existing points and sequences from the existing BAS system shall be upgraded and integrated into the new system. This shall include, but is not limited to, the existing chilled water system, existing air handling units, and existing hot water system.
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00-Full PDF of Plans 37.0 MB
01-G-001_Cover Sheet 340.7 KB
02-A-001_Floor Plan and General Notes 1.2 MB
03-M-001_General Notes 567.1 KB
04-M-101_Staples Partial Mech Plan 1.4 MB
05-M-102_Staples Partial Mech Plan 1.2 MB
06-M-103_Staples Partial Mech Plan 945.1 KB
07-M-104_Staples Partial Mech Plan 1.0 MB
08-M-105_Staples Partial Mech Plan 887.1 KB
09-M-106_Staples Partial Mech Plan 1.0 MB
10-M-107_Staples Partial Mech Plan 938.8 KB
11-M-108_Staples Partial Mech Plan 935.9 KB
12-M-109_Staples Partial Mech Plan 1.0 MB
13-M-110_Staples Partial Mech Plan 1.1 MB
14-M-111_Staples Partial Mech Plan 644.9 KB
15-M-601_Mech Details 760.8 KB
16-M-602_Mech Details 681.8 KB
17-M-603_Mech Details and Controls 857.2 KB
18-M-604_Mech Controls 792.5 KB
19-M-605_Mech Controls - ASU 1 727.7 KB
20-M-606_Mech Controls - ASU 2 755.8 KB
21-M-607_Mech Controls - ASU 4, 5, 6 728.2 KB
22-M-608_Mech Controls - ASU 7 725.1 KB
23-M-609_Mech Controls - ASU 8 685.4 KB
24-M-610_Mech Controls - Chilled Water System 1.0 MB
25-M-611_Mech Controls - Chilled Water System 544.1 KB
26-M-612_Mech Air Flow Diagram - ASU 1 776.7 KB
27-M-613_Mech Air Flow Diagram - ASU 4 and 5 661.6 KB
28-M-614_Mech Air Flow Diagram - ASU 6 and 7 1.4 MB
29-E-001_General Notes 1.0 MB
30-E-101_Staples Partial Electrical Plan 909.5 KB
31-E-102_Staples Partial Electrical Plan 959.9 KB
32-E-103_Staples Partial Electrical Plan 883.3 KB
33-E-104_Staples Partial Electrical Plan 941.6 KB
34-E-105_Staples Partial Electrical Plan 796.8 KB
35-E-106_Staples Partial Electrical Plan 818.8 KB
36-E-107_Staples Partial Electrical Plan 879.7 KB
37-E-108_Staples Partial Electrical Plan 886.0 KB
38-E-109_Staples Partial Electrical Plan 832.5 KB
39-E-110_Staples Partial Electrical Plan 891.1 KB
40-E-111_Electrical Roof Plan 798.5 KB
41-E-601_Electrical Panel Schedules 3.0 MB