M2011-01 Upgrade HVAC Controls-Staples Building-Southeast Missouri Mental Health Center

The project will be contained within the Staples buildings only. The existing pneumatic control system shall be demolished and replaced with a direct digital control (DDC) system. The front-end system of the building automation system (BAS) shall be updated. All existing points and sequences from the existing BAS system shall be upgraded and integrated into the new system. This shall include, but is not limited to, the existing chilled water system, existing air handling units, and existing hot water system.
Specifications (click to expand/collapse)
Name Size
01-Full Spec 6.2 MB
02-Division 00 3.5 MB
03-Division 01 1.0 MB
04-Division 02 121.2 KB
05-Division 07 120.3 KB
06-Division 09 422.0 KB
07-Division 23 1.1 MB
08-Division 26 447.2 KB